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Stoked Kitchen at National Windsurfing Festival

The vanLast weekend saw us cater for the National Windsurfing Festival, where we launched on our own ‘Hayling Island’ under our new name “Stoked Kitchen”.

2015 menus being designed; roast duck, tandoori chicken, Mediterranean vegetables with goats cheese and caramelised onions name but a few!
New uniforms arrived today..we’re stoked and they look rad! don’t think Jamie’s barnet is going to fit under caps though?
Gearing up for the ‘Virgin Armada KiteSurfing festival’ next weekend here on Hayling-look out for our ‘Virgin pizza’ making its d├ębut!
Whoop Whoop..another wedding booked for 2015! seems our new brochures and price plans are doing their job:)
Having to make a fresh batch of our (in)famous home made “Suicide Sauce” for a shooting event we’re catering for in October. Nothing like a bit of Russian roulette pizzas