Not All Pizza Caterers Are The Same

Horror Stories

We’ve been hearing lots of horror stories recently of people going to weddings and having a nightmare with wood-fired pizza caterers – and with them taking FAR to long to prepare/cook/serve pizzas to their guests.part-timers timers are giving us professionals a bad rap!

Whether you choose Stoked Kitchen or not here’s some advice we think you should read before making your choice.

People are coming up with fun and quirky ideas to house their pizza ovens in, whether it be in 4×4’s, custom trailers or rolling stands that push into your venue?!?! Some of them we love… but you have to ask yourself…..”can they deliver?” (excuse the pun!) and have you seen them in action?

Keeping Them Coming

The one thing that keeps being mentioned is how SLOW they are at getting the pizzas out to their guests. The reason for this is their ovens aren’t meant for mass catering and can’t keep hot enough when pizza after pizza keeps being placed inside. The floor of the oven cools down and …in the words of Mary Berry…you get “soggy bottom” Or they turn up as a 2 man team when they should have brought 4 staff. We have catered for hundreds of events/weddings/parties and each and every event was different and needed us to tweak/tailor how we served and dealt with our customer (read our reviews). “Will they have this experience?” Like I said it’s not all about us, if we are busy I’ll happily point you to several other companies that I rate very highly….after all if it’s your wedding and we want you to get what you want- regardless!

When choosing your wood-fired pizza caterer make sure you’re getting a professional outfit with a professional oven and not some weekend warriors who have a great website that their cousin did. A domestic oven tarted up to look “shabby chic’ and glorified spagetti Bolognese makers who now think they’re Jamie Oliver. The pizzas may taste nice but can they produce quality pizzas… at speed….for 40, 80, 100, 150 guests within a short period of time? The answer…probably not!!

Why Us

Stoked Kitchen are FULL TIME Wood fired pizza chefs, our oven is the Rolls Royce of wood ovens with extra insulation and many other additions that makes it so important for catering at large events. There are dozens of reasons why the oven is important and if you want to get technical then pop by and we can talk Oven…”I’ll bore the pants off you!

Questions To Ask

So my rant is nearly over but we all have been caught out before and I hate to see people disappointed on their BIG DAY….Cheap prices and quirky websites/menus/looks may tempt you but do your research and ask these questions?

1. Can they produce 80 pizzas an hour with a 3 man team and 1 oven? …’we can!’

2. How many years have they been in business …..’We’re 7 years in April’

3. How many events like yours have they done? …’Chances are we’ve done hundreds’

4. What’s their food hygiene rating? Ours is 5 out of 5! (best you can get)

5. Are they full time pizza chefs. This is our full time passion.

6.Will they have trained staff/servers or rope in family and friends running round like headless chickens? All our staff have been trained and you’ll see from their good looks and posh accents that they’re not related to me!

Hope this helps? and not just with pizza caterers but any caterers….look past what they want you to see and ask the right questions, do some research and one thing I can promise…THEY ARE CHEAP FOR A REASON!!!!!