About us

Stoked Kitchen loves Wood Fired Pizza 🍕

We LOVE pizza so much, that we basically decided to buy a van and covert it into a pizza oven.

Because we’re passionate about what we do, our pizzas are made with amazing flavours and quality ingredients.

Stoked Kitchen was established in 2012 by Greg Tonks. Greg has a wealth of experience in catering and hospitality. He’s a seasoned professional who has organised numerous events and gatherings, managed some of Manchester and Barcelona’s most exclusive bars and restaurants, and has accumulated over fifteen years experience in the industry.

In 2006 Greg was bitten by a nasty travel bug and decided to go walkabout for a few years.

He worked in and travelled all over America, South Africa and Spain, and during his journey he discovered an alternative ‘old school’ approach to the way we cater for our friends and family. Greg came to realise that instead of the traditional cold sausage rolls and triangular tuna sandwiches. Catering could be an interactive experience.

We create an array of amazing smells that drift down the street. Customers (foodie’s) can listen to the sound of seasoned wood crackling on the fires.

Greg and his team at Stoked Kitchen really understand that this feast for the senses adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your day..

On his return to England, after experiencing so many wonderful outdoor culinary events around the world (not to mention one or two beer festivals). Greg had an epiphany – that a pizza revolution in outdoor catering was ‘kneaded’!

This is when Stoked Kitchen came to life. Greg purchased ovens, the equipment required and set out to bring gourmet aritisan pizzas to the deprived people of Britain!